How to monetise the site with donations?

One way is to set-up a marker link within the project, that goes to a donations webpage. This page will open up in a separate tab and allow viewers to complete a donation form based on your requirements. Depending on which donation platform you choose, we could customise an integration and help to pre-populate some of the experience to make it smoother for viewers to donate. If you are interested, we could provide you with a quote for the integration.

The content published via the platform remains under the ownership of the user?

Yes, the content and assets uploaded and published via our VRTY platform remain under the ownership of the user, if they are the legitimate owners of the content. When publishing content, the user grants VRTY the rights to publish the project through our platform. The owner of the content, can choose to turn-off, edit or delete the publishing at any time. VRTY will always ask the user before promoting, using, or referencing owned content from their projects.

What happens if we exceed the bandwidth limits?

You can no longer access the published projects until the next month when the bandwidth capacity is reset. More bandwidth can be purchased at A$0.50/GB or you can upgrade your subscription package to a higher package.

Bandwidth limits apply to content creation, or also to visitors in the environment?

Yes. One way of managing your bandwidth (and storage) is to make sure you compress your 360° degree content, assets and marker content before uploading to the VRTY Platform. This will reduce the overall size of your project, which will help with the loading speed, storage size and bandwidth usage (creating and viewing). We can provide guidance on compression rates to help you meet your ideal viewing requirements.

What is the VRTY streamer box connection?

Our VRTY Streamer Box is a small cache server for low bandwidth environments (like remote schools or classrooms with a poor internet connection) or when you have lots of people streaming a project from the same internet connection at the same time. It works by connecting into your local server and local WiFi. You then download your project content to the VRTY Streamer Box. When viewing the project, viewers connect to your local WiFi to stream, which increase the loading speed of the project. If you like to purchase one, please contact us.

Can we choose our project’s unique URL?

Unfortunately, for our standard plans, the project URL is set as https://pro.vrty.io/[project id]/[your project name]. If you want a specific URL, then we can customise the URL for you and set-up a new domain name or a sub-domain. There are some set-up requirements and so we can quote on doing this for you.

An alternative is for you to create your own website or landing page and embed your project onto a page. When visitors click on the project, it opens in a new tab with the standard project URL.

What happens to the space as the plan expires, is it still accessible in some form?

All published projects are accessible whilst the user has a paid platform license with VRTY. Once the subscription lapses, then the projects are no longer accessible publicly. There are two ways to have projects to continue if you do not want a platform license to create projects. These are:

  • Purchase a ‘Hosting ‘Only’ license, which covers the cost of the hosting and streaming of your project. Prices are available on enquiry.
  • For free, if you become a VRTY Content Contributor and agree to provide your project and/or assets to the VRTY community for viewing and use; and assign relevant usage rights to allow us to do this.

Both of these options will allow a published project to be accessible publicly without an active license subscription.

What does it mean “opportunity to collaborate with museums“?

One of the common requests, from our platform users and schools, is access to content for their projects. One of the best places for educational content is in museums. They have a large collection of materials and spaces and often are required to share these with the public. We’ve partnered with some local museums in Sydney and they are collaborating with our schools in Australia by providing content to access which they can use in their VRTY school projects, or give them access to spaces to come and film their own 360° projects.

We are always on the lookout for collaboration opportunities with museums, galleries or arts centres. If you would like to collaborate, please email us.

How to leave a project | CoLab

In the CoLab feature, leaving a project room is just the same as leaving a normal VR/360° project. All you have to do is close the tab.

What do I do if I forget my VR project’s password?

Do not worry if you forgotten your VR project. You can go back to the VRTY platform and look for the password that you have set to remind yourself. Another way is that you can change the password of that project, remember to publish the project again to update the changes.

How to create a moving marker?

Is easy to create a moving marker.

  1. Choose a marker that you want it to move.
  2. Choose to edit on that selected marker.
  3. Make sure to tick on ‘recording marker movement’.
  4. Use the timeline to set the duration of the marker on each spot.
  5. Click save.
  6. You created your moving marker!


Check out what else you can create with the markers. Read here.

Report an issue of the VRTY platform

If you are facing an issue on the VRTY platform, you can report them on the platform.

  1. To log a bug issue on the VRTY platform, find the “bug”  icon on the top navigation bar.
  2. Click on the icon and write in any issue, problem, feedback or suggestion you faced on the platform and click submit.
  3. Your feedback is very much appreciated. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
How to switch scenes in “Add Interactions”?

If you don’t want to go back and forth between “Add Interactions” page and “Storyboarding” page. There is a shortcut in “Add Interactions” to move between scenes to create your VR story easily.

Click on the icon on the widget bar, and select a scene you want to go to.

To learn more about interactive markers. Click here.
Does any computer supports VRTY?

Yes. VRTY is a web-based application, as long as the computer is up-to-date and is connected to a strong Internet connection, you are good to go!

What are the recommended image resolutions?

*Image resolution is in pixel. Any images that are larger than the maximum resolution will be scaled down automatically.

Maximum Resolution:

360° image: 6000 x 3000

Project logo image: 256 x 256

Marker icon image: 1024 x 1024

Marker content image: 1280 x 1280

What are the recommended video resolutions?

*Video resolution’s width x height is in pixel. Any videos that are larger than the maximum resolution will be scaled down automatically.

Max 360° video resolution: 2800 x 1400

Max marker content video resolution: 1280 x 1280

Where do I sign up to VRTY?

We are so excited for you to join us and be part of the change!

Click and fill in the form to sign up and start creating with VRTY.

I can’t add teachers and students into groups

Your teachers/students might be in ‘pending’ status. All you have to do is to activate teachers/students accounts to add them into groups.
To activate an account, here are the steps:

  1. Go to [Admin] > [Manage Teachers/Students]
  2. You will see the teachers/students are in the ‘pending’ status.
  3. Click on the tick icon to approve the pending teachers/students.
  4. Now your teachers/students should be ready to be added into the groups.
Can we customise intro scene?

You can now disable the introduction scene when creating or updating your VR/360° project.

All you have to do is turn off the ‘Show intro scene’ button. Then your project will begin with your entry scene at the storyboard. Simple as that! You can create whatever you like as your entry scene to make it your intro scene.

Make sure to click ‘update’ to save your changes.

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