4. Building a VRTY Project

Analysing Your Project Results

The VRTY platform keeps track of many analytical data points on each project. This data is compiled and summarised into high-level, dashboard-type data reports to help the creator better understand and track their viewers’ behaviours. There are 2 types of analytics modes: Basic Analytics Basic analytics gives a performance overview of a user’s project. Overview […]

Set Starting Direction

When creating your VR/interactive 360º projects, consistency is important. The VRTY platform has a feature to set the starting direction for your viewers. It’s really simple to use. Set Starting Direction Create or open an existing project, and go to your chosen scene. In the create tool bar, click on the Set Starting Direction icon. Drag […]

Embed Videos into Content Marker

Embed Third Party Sites Video into Content Marker Create or open an existing project, and open the chosen scene. Move the scene (click and drag) to the position where you would like to add the info marker. In the create tool bar, click the “Content marker”  icon. Give the marker a name which clearly represents the […]

Media File Resolution and Optimal Sizes

Here are the recommended Media file resolution and optimal sizes for your assets to create a VRTY project easily. Project Logos Project logos are shown in the opening introduction scenes of a VRTY Project. If completed, the Project Name, Logo and Description are shown.   Media Type JPEG PNG Resolution (recommended) 256 px x 256 […]

IP usage rights and referencing

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