1. An Introduction to VRTY

What is VRTY?

  What is VRTY? VRTY (pronounced ‘ver-tee’) is a virtual reality & 360º software platform. VRTY is web-based meaning it lives online in the cloud. You don’t need to download or install any additional software to use VRTY.   What can VRTY do? The VRTY platform can help anyone create, build, share and experience their own Virtual […]

The VRTY Project Process Overview

Before you begin creating, building, sharing and viewing your VR/360° projects, below is a summary of an end-to-end process when creating a VRTY project from the beginning. Depending on whether you need to create your own content or use existing content, the process may be slightly different. Phase 1: Ideation Come up with an idea […]

Some Basic Concepts

360° Images & Videos  These formats are captured in a 360° field of vision using a 360° camera. Viewers can look or scroll in all directions around a scene (up, down, left, right, all around), but you cannot move or walk around. You can upload these file formats into the VRTY platform to create […]

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