2. Navigating the VRTY Platform

Understanding the Media Library

The Media Library on the VRTY platform is for you, the creator, to store all your media assets – which may include images, videos, icons, audios and GIFs. There are three sub-libraries within the Media Library. There are: Own Library – The media assets you upload are stored into this library. Only you can see the […]

Uploading Your Media Assets

There are two ways to upload your media assets. Uploading Media Assets into the Media Library Access the Media Library on the left hand menu bar. By default, you will be in ‘Own Library’. To upload media assets, browse through your local files or drag and drop chosen media asset into the box on the […]

Editing Your Media Assets

It is simple to edit your media asset details. Hover over the media asset you want to edit. An option bar will appear from the left. Click on the edit icon. A pop up box of the chosen media asset will appear and you can edit the details on it. Just click ‘save’ to apply […]

Creating a Folder in the Media Library

You can only create, edit and delete folders in your ‘Own Library’. To create a folder, choose [Add Folder] on the top right corner above the folder section. A pop up box will appear, fill in the file name and description. Then click [create] to create the file. You can edit and delete these folders. […]

Moving Your Media Assets

You can move one or multiple media asset within your own Media Library. Click on the media asset(s) to choose the file you want to move. After choosing, click ‘move’ on the top right corner. A pop up will appear that shows your chosen media and choose the destination folder. After choosing on the destination […]

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