2. Navigating the VRTY Platform

Creating a VRTY Project

The VRTY platform has been designed to make it as easy as possible for anyone creates their own interactive and immersive projects, which can be viewed in virtual reality and in 360-mode when published. When you click on the Create Project section of the menu, you’ll be guided through a 4-step process taking you from […]


The ‘Stories’ section is where we showcase projects from our VRTY Community. You’ll see a variety of different projects from different creators, which you can click on and experience. The intent is to give you some ideas, examples and inspiration to help you when creating your next VRTY project. Keep an eye out for more […]

Understanding the Media Library

The Media Library on the VRTY platform is for you, the creator, to store all your media assets – which may include images, videos, icons, audios and GIFs.

Uploading Your Media Assets

There are two ways to upload your media assets. Uploading Media Assets into the Media Library Access the Media Library on the left hand menu bar. By default, you will be in ‘My Library’. To upload media assets, browse through your local files or drag and drop chosen media asset into the box on the […]

Creating a Folder in the Media Library

You can only create, edit and delete folders in your ‘My Library’. To create a folder, click on the ‘+’ icon on the top left in the media library navigation bar. In the dropdown menu, click [Add Folder]. A pop up box will appear, fill in the folder’s name. Then click [create] to create the […]

Moving Your Media Assets

You can move one or multiple media asset into folders. Click on the media asset(s) to choose the file you want to move. After choosing, click on the ‘move media’ icon on the top right corner. A pop up will appear to show the destination folder for you to choose with your chosen media. After […]

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