7. Guide for Account Administrators

VRTY Account Privileges

Discover what you can do for each role on the VRTY platform. We created a table below for you.

Admin Account Starter Guide

Welcome to VRTY – Education through VR! We are so excited for you to create your VR/interactive 360º projects for your classes! If you are the Organisation’s Admin, there are a few steps to set up your account for your organisation. The Admin is responsible for setting up and managing all user accounts, also manage […]

Managing Teacher and Student Accounts

As an Admin User, you have the responsibility and ability to manage all the accounts within your organisation. It is a straightforward process. Click onto ‘Admin’ on the left side menu bar. There are two types of accounts: Manage Teachers Manage Students   Manage Teachers Shows admin the list of teachers who registered onto the […]

Manage Common Library

The organisation’s library is the ‘Common Library’ in Media Library. It is best the organisation’s admin checks it once in a while to make sure it stays organised. This library is only open for users from the same organisation to access and use any of the media assets. Media Asset(s) can be filtered by category: […]

VRTY Streamer Boxes (set up and management)

VRTY also offers an offline viewing solution which is the VRTY streamer box for organisations who do not have a fast and strong internet connection. *VRTY users only are eligible to purchase this device. Once the streamer box is installed, you can download any published projects into the streamer box and experience the projects through […]

Creating Teacher and Student Accounts

If you are the designated organisation Admin on the VRTY platform, there are three tiers in the VRTY platform system for you to be aware of. Admin: Responsible to set-up and manage all user accounts. Add, edit and delete content in the common school media library and manage content from their personal media library. As […]

Managing Groups and Member Accounts

You can categorise members within your school/organisation into groups. The Admin account will need to create member accounts. Then, they must choose a member to be the group’s owner. This account will create and manage the ‘Group(s)’ and invite different members into it. Make sure your members have an active status before adding them into […]

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