4. Building a VRTY Project

Creating or Updating a Project

Creating a New Project When creating a new project, fill in the project’s details. Project Name* Add a Description Project Logo (jpeg, png, etc.) You can return to this page to update or change these details at any time. At the bottom left of the project page, a Show intro scene button is available. Show intro […]

Storyboarding and Creating Scenes

Introducing A Scene Before we begin the exciting journey of creating a VR/Interactive 360º project, here is some information about how we see storyboarding and creating scenes.   Storyboard: This empty space is in your control to create and map out the flow of your storyboard for your VR/Interactive 360º story (i.e.: see the image […]

Understanding Interactive Markers

One core feature in the VRTY platform is the interactive markers. These markers will make your VR/interactive 360° project more engaging and fun experience simultaneously providing educational information. Markers are like buttons where you can click/trigger it in the scene to unveil educational information, audio, images or video.  In the ‘Manage Interaction’ page, you can […]

Enhancing Interactive Markers

If you would like to make markers move and make them interactive, here are a few ways to enhance your markers while creating your VR/interactive 360° project. Changing Your Marker Appearance You can adjust the size, opacity and rotate the marker to make it look like it is part of the scene. Learn how to […]

Placing Markers

There are two ways to place markers into a scene in the VRTY platform. Click on the Screen Create a content marker. Then put in the related information for those markers. And click  to create your marker. Your marker will automatically appear in the marker menu on the left side of the page. Your newly created […]

Editing Markers

After creating a marker, you can edit and change your marker content anytime you want. Editing Marker Content At the marker menu on the left side of the page, click on the [Edit Marker Info] icon. A pop up box of the marker content will appear and you can make any changes. Remember to click  or […]

Upload Images or Video into a Scene

VRTY allows creators to add images, videos and GIFs into your VR/interactive 360° projects with the content marker. Before we begin on the steps to add these media types into your VR/interactive 360° scene, make sure you have your media file prepared in a location that is easily accessible for you (e.g. USB, hard drive […]

Adding Audio into a Scene

VRTY allows adding audio into VR/interactive 360º projects. Before we begin, make sure you have an audio file prepared in a location that is easily accessible for you (e.g. USB, hard drive, desktop) OR have a script ready to use for the Text-to-Speech feature in VRTY. Uploading or Generating Audio into a Content Marker Create […]

Previewing Your Project Whilst Creating

While creating a 360°/VR project, we recommend you to preview your project regularly. This step is important to know how your 360°/VR project and interactions will play for viewers.  Steps to preview your current scene: In the manage interactions section, click on the  icon in the toolbar to preview the current scene. The timeline […]

Publishing and Sharing

Publishing your world It is simple to publish and share your amazing projects through the VRTY platform. Go into your project on the VRTY Platform and click on the PUBLISH stage of your project. There are two publishing options: Draft: (Default option) The project is in a draft. Only the creator can view and edit […]

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