Can we limit or restrict visitors to being by invite or approval only?

Yes, when you publish your project you can add a password to protect your project. Anyone with the project URL will have to enter the password before they can experience the project.

What is the VRTY streamer box connection?

Our VRTY Streamer Box is a small cache server for low bandwidth environments (like remote schools or classrooms with a poor internet connection) or when you have lots of people streaming a project fro...

Can we choose our project’s unique URL?

Unfortunately, for our standard plans, the project URL is set as[project id]/[your project name]. If you want a specific URL, then we can customise the URL for you and set-up a ne...

How to leave a project | CoLab

In the CoLab feature, leaving a project room is just the same as leaving a normal VR/360° project. All you have to do is close the tab.

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